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Powder Puffs

We use sustainable materials where ever possible

We always promote inclusivity and diversity

All products are cruelty free and free of nasties

All brushes are made with 100% vegan luxury synthetic fibres

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Velour Powder Puffs

Velour Powder Puffs

Mini Powder Puff

Detailed Mini Powder Puff


Enhance your makeup routine to new levels of perfection with our exquisite collection of Powder Puffs. Specially crafted to deliver a flawless finish, our powder puffs are the ultimate tool for effortless and even application of loose and pressed powders.

Designed with precision and comfort in mind, our powder puffs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, catering to your unique preferences. Whether you desire a velvety smooth, rounded puff for an all-over dusting or a more contoured, beveled edge for targeted application, our selection ensures you'll find your ideal match.

Crafted from the finest materials, our powder puffs provide a gentle touch against your skin, ensuring a luxurious experience every time. Unlike ordinary applicators, our puffs minimize excess product absorption, allowing you to maximize the use of your favorite powders and extend their longevity.

Beyond traditional powder application, our powder puffs are versatile tools that excel in various makeup techniques. From setting your makeup to delicately blending and buffing, these puffs effortlessly create an airbrushed appearance that lasts throughout the day.

Whether you're a makeup enthusiast experimenting with different looks or a seasoned artist perfecting your craft, our powder puffs are indispensable additions to your makeup arsenal. Discover the art of impeccable powder application – explore our exclusive collection today and unveil a world of beauty possibilities.

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