Tips To Apply Natural False Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes, also known as false eyelashes or fake lashes, are artificial lashes that are attached to natural lashes to create a fuller, longer, and more dramatic eyelash look. They are typically made from synthetic materials, human hair, or mink hair and come in various styles and lengths to enhance the appearance of the eyes, enabling you to achieve a more natural or dramatic look.

Natural false lashes are often used in makeup and beauty routines for special occasions, events, or everyday wear. They can be applied using adhesive or magnetic strips and can be easily removed and reused.

5 Tips To Apply Natural Lashes

Applying natural lash can be tricky at first, but with these 5 helpful tips and tricks, you'll have gorgeous lashes in no time. Free 1st class delivery in the UK is eligible.

1. Prepare your natural lashes

Before applying the fake lashes, make sure your natural lashes are clean and free from any mascara or eyeliner. This will help the fake lashes adhere better and last longer.

2. Trim the natural false lashes

Most false lashes are too long for the average eye, so it's important to trim them to fit. Measure the lash against your natural lash line and trim the excess from the outer corner.

3. Apply a thin layer of adhesive glue

Using a small brush or the applicator provided, apply a thin layer of glue along the band of the fake lashes, ensuring the best possible adherence. Please, wait a few seconds for the glue to become tacky before applying to achieve a more natural and secure fit.

4. Start from the outer corner

Place the false lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible, starting from the outer corner. Gently press them down onto your own lashes, using your fingers or tweezers.

5. Blend and curl to suit

Once the lashes are in place, use a mascara wand to blend your natural lashes with the fake ones. You can also use an eyelash curler to curl them together for a more natural look.

6. Use tweezers for precision

Instead of using your fingers to apply the lashes, use tweezers to pick up the lashes and place them as close to your natural lash line as possible. This will give you more control and help achieve a seamless blend.

Shapes Of Fake Eye Lashes

Fake eye lashes come in a variety of eye shapes and personal preferences. Some of the most common styles include classic, natural, dramatic, and volume lashes.

=> Classic lashes are comfortable and typically evenly spaced - have a uniform length, giving a subtle and natural look.

=> Natural lashes are designed to enhance the natural lashes by adding length and volume without looking too over-the-top.

=> Dramatic lashes are thicker, fuller, and longer, creating a bold and eye-catching look - top seller collection.

=> Volume lashes are intricately designed to add fullness and depth, giving a more glamorous and dramatic effect.

Styles Of False Eye Lashes

Artificial eyelashes are a trendy cosmetic accessory that has been present for many years. Numerous options of artificial eyelashes are available, each providing a distinct appearance and impact.

=> Strip lashes consist of a band of hair or synthetic fibres that are attached to the eyelid with adhesive. Strip lashes come in different lengths, shapes, and levels of thickness, allowing individuals to customize their look.

=> Individual lashes are applied to the natural lashes one at a time, creating a more natural and subtle effect. These natural looking lashes can be stacked or layered to achieve a more dramatic look if desired.

=> Wispie lashes are often touted as the best false eyelashes for achieving a natural yet glamorous lookare characterized by their wispy and feathery appearance. These lashes give a softer and more romantic look to the eyes.

=> Cluster lashes are similar to single lashes but come in clusters (more strands per strip). You can use these natural eyelashes to create an accent, such as using them to highlight the shape of your eye.

*Note: Never wear false eyeless when you have a rash or an eye infection. Allow your eyes to naturally heal for a few days first. And if you’re recovering from an eye infection, the same rule applies. 

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Common Mistakes When Applying Eyelashes

  1. Applying too close to the natural lash line: It is important to leave a small gap between the false eyelashes and your natural lash line to avoid discomfort or potential damage to your natural lashes.

  2. Using too much glue: Applying excessive glue can cause the false eyelashes to become messy and difficult to position correctly. It is best to apply a thin, even layer of adhesive along the lash band.

  3. Not waiting for the glue to dry: Allowing the glue to become tacky before applying the false eyelashes is essential for a secure hold. Rushing to apply the lashes without waiting for the glue to dry can result in poor adhesion and a messy appearance.

  4. Choosing the wrong eyelash length: False eyelashes come in various lengths and styles to cater to different eye shapes and preferences. Selecting the wrong length or style can make the lashes appear unnatural or overpowering.

  5. Incorrect placement: Placing the false eyelashes too high or too low on the lash line can create an unbalanced or unnatural look. It is important to position them as close to your natural lash line as possible for a seamless blend. 

  6. Not trimming lashes to fit: False eyelashes are usually longer than most people's lash lines, so they often need to be trimmed to fit. Failing to trim the lashes to the correct length can cause discomfort and make them more prone to lifting or falling off.

  7. Applying mascara on top of the eyelashes: Applying mascara directly onto false eyelashes can cause clumping, damage the lashes, or make them appear unnatural. It is important to avoid mascara on the false lashes to achieve a more natural look.

Frequently Asked Questions By Customers

What can I use if I don't have eyelash glue?

  1. Clear or white craft glue: You can use a small amount of clear or white craft glue as a substitute for eyelash glue. However, be cautious and make sure it is non-toxic and safe for use near the eyes.
  2. Double-sided tape: You can use small pieces of double-sided tape to attach false lashes. Cut the tape into thin strips and apply them to the lash band. Be careful not to use too much tape to avoid discomfort or damage while removing the lashes.
  3. Magnetic lashes: Magnetic lashes come with small magnets along the lash strip. They can be attached by clamping your natural lashes between two magnetic strips. These are a great alternative if you don't have eyelash glue or prefer a glue-free option, enabling an easier and quicker application process.
  4. Eyeliner adhesive: Some brands offer eyeliner adhesive that acts as an adhesive for your false lashes. Simply apply the eyeliner adhesive along your lash line and place the false lashes on top.

What are the easiest false lashes to put on?

  1. Magnetic lashes: These lashes use magnets instead of glue, making them easy to apply and adjust.
  2. Pre-glued lashes: excellent service for those seeking convenient application. These lashes come with adhesive already applied, eliminating the need for a separate glue application.
  3. Strip lashes with a clear band: Clear bands are more forgiving and easier to handle, allowing for easier application.
  4. Individual lashes: If you prefer a more natural look, individual lashes can be easier to apply as you can customize the placement and intensity.

Which style of fake lashes last longest?

The style of fake lashes that typically last the longest are the individual lashes, also known as eyelash extensions. These are applied one-by-one to your natural lashes and can last anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks with proper care and maintenance. Strip lashes, on the other hand, are temporary and usually last for a few days before needing to be removed.

What can I use instead of fake eyelashes?

  1. Mascara: Quality mascara can add length, volume, and curl to your natural lashes, giving them an enhanced look without the need for false lashes.
  2. Lash extensions: Professional lash extensions are applied individually to your natural lashes, providing a longer-lasting and more natural-looking alternative to fake eyelashes.
  3. Lash lift: A lash lift is a treatment that enhances your natural lashes by curling them, giving the appearance of longer and fuller lashes. This procedure can last for several weeks.
  4. Growth serums: There are over-the-counter eyelash growth serums available that may help stimulate lash growth and improve their appearance.
  5. Eyelash tinting: Eyelash tinting is a process where a semi-permanent dye is used to darken your natural lashes, giving them a fuller and more defined look.

How do you apply fake eyelashes naturally?

  1. Start by curling your natural lashes and applying mascara for a better blending effect.
  2. Measure the length of the false lashes against your own lashes to ensure they complement your natural ones for a more elegant appearance. Trim the excess length from the outer corner if needed.
  3. Apply a thin layer of eyelash adhesive (preferably clear) along the strip of the false lashes. Let it dry for around 30 seconds.
  4. Looking downwards into a mirror, use tweezers or a lash applicator to hold the lashes in the centre and carefully place them on the middle of your eyelid, as close to your natural lash line as possible.
  5. Once the middle is secure, use the tool to push the inner and outer corners into place.
  6. Wait for the adhesive to dry completely, then lightly apply mascara to blend your natural and false lashes together.


For natural-looking false eyelashes, follow these 5 easy tips on how to apply them effectively. Our handmade lashes are delicate and realistic, perfect for those with alopecia or anyone looking to enhance their eye makeup.

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