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The Dos and Don’ts of False Eyelashes

The Dos and Don’ts of False Eyelashes

Most women desire full, lush eyelashes. However, the reality is usually quite different. It’s true some women have natural, full eyelashes, but many more do not. Even so, there’s no reason to give up!

If you didn’t inherit long, full eyelashes, don’t despair! That’s because you can always use beautiful false eyelashes. These eyelashes are a great invention; however, putting them on can be quite challenging.

Do you struggle with putting on false eyelashes? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together some dos and don’ts of wearing false eyelashes. Following these rules will keep everyone wondering—are those lashes real? But first, we’ll take a look at what fake eyelashes are.


What are Fake Eyelashes?

False eyelashes are just that—artificial. That means they’re not (usually) made of human hair. These are lashes you can buy at the store and then wear.

There are several types of fake eyelashes, including the following.

  • Silk eyelashes: these are made of natural silk and are very lightweight. They’re also easy to curl.
  • Human hair eyelashes: some lashes are made of human hair. Many people prefer human hair eyelashes because they’re cruelty-free and easy on the budget. You can buy these online or at local shops.
  • Faux mink eyelashes: these lashes are made from faux mink fur. They can be quite wispy, and they blend in with your natural lashes pretty easily. They offer a more dramatic look as they’re thicker than other false eyelashes. They are made from a synthetic material called PBT (polybutylene terephthalate).
  • Synthetic eyelashes: these lashes are also made from PBT and are pre-molded to curl. They can be heavy and weigh eyes down, and they may only last for about 20 uses (with proper care). They’re not always as comfortable as other false lashes, but they are easy on your wallet.
  • Mink eyelashes: some false eyelashes are also made from mink, though many people avoid these. They want to buy cruelty-free lashes rather than real mink eyelashes.


Other Eyelash Options

Along with false eyelashes being made from different materials, they also come in different forms! You can find the following types of fake lashes:

  • Single lashes: these are lash extensions that come as individual (single) lashes. These can be used in areas where your own lashes are a bit sparse to create the illusion of fullness.
  • Clusters: these are similar to single lashes but come in clusters (more strands per strip). Clusters are not a full set of lashes but clusters or bunches. You can use these lashes to create an accent, such as using them to highlight the shape of your eye.
  • Strip lashes: when many of us hear about false eyelashes, we think of strip lashes. Strip lashes are made to cover the entire eyelid and come in various lengths and levels of fullness. These are easier to apply as it’s only necessary to apply one full strip rather than multiple tiny lashes.

Note: Never wear false eyeless when you have a rash or an eye infection. Allow your eyes to naturally heal for a few days first. And if you’re recovering from an eye infection, the same rule applies. Wait until your eyes are healed before wearing fake lashes.

Now you have all this information about false eyelashes under your belt, let’s move on to the dos and don’ts of applying false eyelashes!


1. Don’t Apply False Lashes Directly

The purpose of wearing fake lashes is to create beautiful, long, luxurious eyelashes that look natural. So, never wear fake eyelashes without trimming them to match the length of your natural lash line.

If you leave the false lashes hanging over, they’ll pull down over your eyes and will not look attractive.

Measure your lash line and cut the false eyelashes to the right length, making sure you cut them from the outer corner and not from the inside.


2. Prep Your Natural Lashes

Before applying the fake lashes, it’s necessary to prep your natural lashes. You can do this with your favourite mascara or any other lash product you use.


3. Apply the Lash Glue

The amount of lash glue you apply to the fake lashes is crucial to how they’ll look on your eyes. So, be sure to always apply a small amount at the centre and more at the corners. Ensure that the glue is evenly spread out across the lash band.


4. Don’t Use Too Much Glue

Avoid using too much glue; too much glue can be harmful to your natural lashes. So, only apply a minimum amount of glue to the lash band. Too much glue can also get in your eyes, causing irritation.

In addition, the fresh glue can be pretty slippery. So, avoid applying the false eyelashes right after applying the glue onto the lash band.

Once the glue has been put on, let it air dry for a couple of seconds. This allows the glue to set a little bit and become tacky (sticky). After a couple of seconds, it’s safe to place the false lashes on your lash line.


5. Do Wait for the Glue to Dry

Never put lashes on right after you’ve applied the glue. Wait for the glue to become tacky (as mentioned above), but don’t wait too long so that the glue is completely dried! Wait no more than 30 seconds to apply the lashes after the glue. Try giving the fake lashes a bend to make the application easier.


6. Don’t Put the Lashes on Downward

When you apply the lashes, don’t approach the eyelid straight on or from above. Always come from upward, with your head tilted up and your eyes open, so you can see what you’re doing.


7. Don’t Overexpose Lashes to Water

The lashes you have on may not be semi-permanent lashes or eyelash extensions. You’re most likely wearing strip lashes, which are made to be worn for a relatively short time (all day).

When these lashes are exposed to too much water, the adhesive can weaken or even dissolve. The result is losing your eyelashes!


8. Place Lashes Right Over Your Lash Line

The placement of your false lashes is crucial to how you look. Make sure that you stick the fake lashes right over your natural lash line without leaving any space in between. You can always use a pair of tweezers to get the lashes in the right place once you’ve placed them on your lash line.


9. Don’t Skip the Mascara

Apply a coat of mascara onto your false lashes to make them blend in with your natural eyelashes. It helps provide more lift to your lashes and make them look beautiful.


Summing It Up

False eyelashes can make your eyes look even more stunning and beautiful; however, it’s essential to put them on the right way.

Avoid using too much glue, and be sure to use some mascara once the false lashes are in place. Everyone will pay close attention to your amazing eyes and wonder what you’ve done differently! But only you will know the secret of your false eyelashes!

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