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Mascara Tips and Tricks

Mascara Tips and Tricks

Mascara, oh mascara! It's an everyday ritual that we've been faithfully following for years, perhaps even decades. The way we apply mascara hasn't changed much since our first encounter with it, back when we were young and watched our mothers carefully apply it in the mirror. We swipe, wiggle, and repeat, all while gazing downward with our mouths slightly ajar, resembling the town gossip at the grocery store. It's a scene we know all too well. As creatures of habit, women tend to stick to familiar routines, especially when it comes to beauty.



After extensive testing and experimentation, we've discovered a collection of revolutionary mascara tips that will take your lashes to new heights in terms of length, volume, and curl. From application techniques to formula secrets, these tips are guaranteed to leave any woman fluttering with delight, boasting the most incredible, voluminous lashes imaginable.

Without further ado, here are the nine ultimate mascara tips that every woman should know. And no, we won't bore you with the cliché advice of "twist, don't pump." We're far beyond that stage.



Using old, stale mascara is a surefire way to end up in Clump City. Once you crack open a new tube, the clock starts ticking. It's generally recommended to replace your mascara every two to three months.

In a pinch? If you find yourself desperately clinging to your mascara, try placing the tube in a glass of hot water to warm up and thin out the formula. Alternatively, you can add a couple of drops of eye drops to dilute it. But let's be clear, these are last-resort solutions. It's best to get yourself a fresh tube as soon as possible!



Get ready to witness some traffic-stopping lashes. For optimal results, focus on applying most of the product to the base of your lashes. Once you've achieved that, lengthening becomes a breeze.

Wiggle the brush back and forth rapidly at the base or roots of your lashes. Then, in one slow and fluid motion, swipe upwards. This technique ensures even distribution of the product, leaving your lashes free of clumps. Be cautious when wiggling throughout the entire swipe, as it can be a risky move.



Are you ready for your thickest, darkest lashes yet? Surprise your lashes with a one-two punch. Begin by swiping your lashes regularly (as mentioned above), and then approach them from another angle: the backside. Use your mascara wand to coat the backside of your lashes, the part that usually touches your eyelid. By utilising this untapped territory, you'll instantly notice a difference in volume.

Be mindful of smudging! You can shield your eyelid with a business card or a plastic spoon while swiping to prevent any product transfer.



You've achieved volume, now it's time for the finishing touch. Hold the bristles of your mascara brush right over the tips of your already-coated lashes. With quick and precise strokes, apply more product to the very tips. This technique provides the ultimate length boost.

Remove any excess product from the pointed end of your mascara brush to avoid clumps, and apply the product to the tips of your lashes in a vertical motion.



We have more than one trick up our sleeve for mastering the lash curler. First and foremost, we're all guilty of rushing through this seemingly insignificant step. But here's the deal: if you don't hold the curler in place for at least 8 to 10 seconds, your curls will fall flat in no time. Take a few extra seconds, catch your breath, and give your lashes the attention they deserve.

To maximise your curling potential, especially for those long nights ahead, grab your hair dryer and warm up the lash curler for 10 to 20 seconds (depending on the heat setting). Just be cautious not to singe your lashes. The goal is to achieve an incredible curl that will hold all night long.



Prepare to dive into your mama's bag of tricks, but this time with talc-free alternatives. After applying one coat of mascara, lightly dust baby powder or translucent face powder onto both sides of your lashes using a cotton bud. At first glance, you might panic as it appears excessively white and chalky. Fear not. Apply another coat of mascara, and prepare to witness the thickest, most voluminous lashes you've ever had.



This hack is for those who crave more control when applying mascara (no shame in that!). If you detest accidentally smudging your makeup with mascara, try bending your mascara wand 90 degrees. This alteration can provide better manoeuvrability.

To avoid permanently damaging your wand, consider purchasing disposable mascara wands.



The day we discovered the power of using two different mascara formulas simultaneously was truly life-changing. We're not suggesting you do this every day (who has the time?), but when you want to customise your flutter, choose two compatible formulas to layer on your lashes.

Begin with a mascara that has a thin brush, ideal for separating and lengthening your lashes. There are various options available, so find one that suits you best.

Next, it's time to add some drama. Opt for a volumizing formula that will amplify your already-separated and clump-free lashes. Experiment with different mascaras until you find the perfect combination.



If you're hesitant to try the baby powder trick, there's an easier alternative. Look for mascara primers specifically designed to enhance the length and volume of your lashes before applying mascara. These primers can provide an excellent base. Seek out options that suit your preferences.

By following these mascara tips and tricks, you'll take your lash game to a whole new level. Remember, when it comes to lashes, more is definitely more!

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